Episode 26: Valentine’s Day

In this episode we take a step out of our 1990s adaptation comfort zone and into the dreaded genre known as Romantic Comedies. At the suggestion of our guest for this episode Katy, we delve into a movie about one of the worst holidays: Valentine’s Day. Tremble at the ensemble of noteworthy actors who star in this obvious date-night movie! Ponder at whether or not George Lopez’s character actually exists or is a figment of Ashton Kutcher’s imagination! And maybe give a few honest chuckles whenever Queen Latifah is on screen.

>>Listen here or you’ll be cursed like the Chicago Cubs were on Valentine’s Day<<

Episode 24: Sleepy Hollow

Tim Burton movies have one of the most immediately recognizable visual styles in film which often create a memorable world where his weird quirky stories can be told. But sometimes his movies focus a little bit too much on the vibrant flashbacks and Ketchup blood which ultimately leaves them lacking in the “plot coherence” department. Depending on which member of GBBV you ask, Sleepy Hollow may be such a film.

Listen here if you still have your head