Episode 54: Speed Racer

While it is well known that marketing can make or break a movie, the release date proves to be just as important. 2018 marks the 10th anniversary of The Wachowski Sister’s Speed Racer adaptation, a film that flopped both commercially and critically upon it’s release but has since become something of a cult film. Max, James, and Ryan sit down to see if this movie is well deserved of it’s recent praise and it was just the wrong movie at the wrong time or if the movie is just another one left in the dust.

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Episode 53: Deep Blue Sea

You would think that after the roaring success of Jaws that there would be loads of derivative shark films as well as loads of derivative Jaws sequels. Oddly this wouldn’t be the case until sharks got caught up in a tornado a few decades later, so the 1990s had to settle with gene tempered sharks in Deep Blue Sea. Friend of the show Dujuan joins to find out why you should never stand next to an open pool of water while giving a moralizing speech while your underwater base is sinking all around you.

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Episode 52: Little Nicky

Whether you like him or not you can’t deny that Adam Sandler made a handful of succeful comedies in the second half of the 1990s. This streak couldn’t last forever and would eventually lead to such quality films as Don’t Mess With the Zohan, Pixels, and The Ridiculous 6. For this episode we look at the first critical and financial Adam Sandler flop that would have made The Satanic Panic advocates clutch for their rosaries: Little Nicky.

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Episode 51: Terminator Genysis

As much as the title would have you believe, Terminator Genysis is not about how Skynet takes over the world with a 1990s Sega video game system. The latest in the Terminator series is part sequel, part reboot, part movie that didn’t make enough to have the sequel immediately green-lit. Keeping with the serial number theme of the movie, the GBBV Crew sip on some Short’s Batch 8000 while they discuss things such as time travel, robo-arthritis, and whether they would rather see their favorite series have endless sequels or an eventual reboot.

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Episode 50: Cleaning Out the Fridge II

To celebrate the momentous occasion of reaching 50 episodes, Max, James, and Ryan look back to discuss their favorite and least favorite movies and beers of the podcast while  reflecting on the ever evolving craft beer industry and what the future holds in what turns out to be the longest episode of Good Brews Bad Views yet.

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Episode 49: 1990: The Bronx Warriors

Imagine if you will a movie that throws The Warriors, Escape from New York, and Road Warrior into a cheap Italian-made blender, 1990: The Bronx Warriors is basically what you would get from such a concoction. Friend of the show Randy returns to Good Brews Bad Views as we try to figure out how exactly lead actor Mark Gregory, the apply named Trash, manages to walk in pants that seem to be one with his body as we drink the fittingly named hefeweizen Homage from Watermark Brewing, a beer style we somehow avoided over nearly 50 episodes.

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Episode 48: Lost in Space

Lost in Space was a movie that the GBBV Crew put on the list of potential episodes early on in the life of the podcast and with the release of the Netflix series Max, James, and Ryan figured what better time than now to actually record it? This painfully 1990s designed sci-fi film based off a campy 1960s TV series that everyone has heard of (but few have ever seen) features the great Gary Oldman who promptly out-acts every other character in every scene much to the podcast hosts delight as they begroan the otherwise wooden acting and the retractable technology that this movie has a fetish for.