Episode 32: Batman and Robin

Way back on our episode for Spider-Man 3, Jordan Ferraro made the unfortunate statement of claiming he had never seen Batman and Robin, so naturally we forced him to watch it (twice) when he wanted to come back on the podcast. As 2017 is the 20th anniversary of the movie that “killed” super hero films for a while (even though they never actually went away) we felt a certain obligation to do this movie aside from torturing poor Jordan. Meanwhile friend of the show Steve Cuff provides the GBBV Crew with tasty a beer from Wisconsin that is in such high demand within America’s Dairyland that they can’t sell it anywhere else.

>>Listen here and imagine how much cooler this movie would have been with onomatopoeias a la the Adam West Batman show<<

Episode 31: Small Soldiers

Friend of the show Jess Sebring returns to Good Brews Bad Views to talk about 90’s hair, Encarta, war movies, kittens, Animorphs, furries, and this episode’s movie: Small Soldiers. It’s hard to tell if the movie spent more on the CGI and animatronics or it’s soundtrack as it features bands way too good for a movie that can’t decide if it’s for kids or teens. Meanwhile our beer choice for this episode is quite possibly the best we’ve drank on the podcast so far…

>>GBBV: Everything else is just a different podcast<<

Episode 30: The Running Man

In the far off grim future of 2017 there is only Arnold Schwarzenegger imitating his roles from his previous movies in: The Running Man. Friend of the show Randy joins the GBBV Crew as they ponder why Arnold looks like a lame Aquaman, why this movie doesn’t feature more Captain Freedom, and wonder how long it will be before this movie gets remade.

>>After you’ve placed your bet on your favorite Stalker listen here<<

Episode 29: Dragon Ball Evolution

We here at Good Brews Bad Views are in a constant game of one-upmanship with ourselves to find the worst movie we can stand and still have meaningful discussion about. It’s a thankless task but someone has to do it, for reasons we choose not to divulge….
Bearing only a slight resemblance to the beloved anime it is based on Dragonball Evolution may take the cake as the new ceiling of what we can endure (with beer).

>>Listen here for one of our thankfully shorter episodes<<




Episode 26: Valentine’s Day

In this episode we take a step out of our 1990s adaptation comfort zone and into the dreaded genre known as Romantic Comedies. At the suggestion of our guest for this episode Katy, we delve into a movie about one of the worst holidays: Valentine’s Day. Tremble at the ensemble of noteworthy actors who star in this obvious date-night movie! Ponder at whether or not George Lopez’s character actually exists or is a figment of Ashton Kutcher’s imagination! And maybe give a few honest chuckles whenever Queen Latifah is on screen.

>>Listen here or you’ll be cursed like the Chicago Cubs were on Valentine’s Day<<