Episode 50: Cleaning Out the Fridge II

To celebrate the momentous occasion of reaching 50 episodes, Max, James, and Ryan look back to discuss their favorite and least favorite movies and beers of the podcast while  reflecting on the ever evolving craft beer industry and what the future holds in what turns out to be the longest episode of Good Brews Bad Views yet.

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Opening theme: Tha Silent Partner – Prohibition Brew and Pork Chops

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Episode 49: 1990: The Bronx Warriors

Imagine if you will a movie that throws The Warriors, Escape from New York, and Road Warrior into a cheap Italian-made blender, 1990: The Bronx Warriors is basically what you would get from such a concoction. Friend of the show Randy returns to Good Brews Bad Views as we try to figure out how exactly lead actor Mark Gregory, the apply named Trash, manages to walk in pants that seem to be one with his body as we drink the fittingly named hefeweizen Homage from Watermark Brewing, a beer style we somehow avoided over nearly 50 episodes.

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Episode 48: Lost in Space

Lost in Space was a movie that the GBBV Crew put on the list of potential episodes early on in the life of the podcast and with the release of the Netflix series Max, James, and Ryan figured what better time than now to actually record it? This painfully 1990s designed sci-fi film based off a campy 1960s TV series that everyone has heard of (but few have ever seen) features the great Gary Oldman who promptly out-acts every other character in every scene much to the podcast hosts delight as they begroan the otherwise wooden acting and the retractable technology that this movie has a fetish for.


Episode 47: Assassin’s Creed

Up next James, Max, and Ryan dig into the Michael Fassbender helmed Assassin’s Creed, the “best video game movie ever made,” which when you think about it is a rather low bar to surpass. Filled with overly long exchanges of people staring seriously at each other the movie is also overly repetitive in it’s action scenes and despite the good selection of talent the movie features is filled with characters we only have a semblance to care about. This mediocrity ultimately leads to a lengthy heated discussion about story adaptation across various forms of media, hold on to your butts.

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Episode 46: The Cell

Practical or CGI, well aged or spoiled like rotten fruit, special effects in movies are an accomplishment of their own in some form or fashion (usually) and one of our favorite reasons to watch a movie and something everyone remembers about a movie for good or bad. Friend of the show Claire returns to Good Brews Bad Views to discuss The Cell while we try to figure out when exaclty does a movie rely too much on the visuals, being weird and transgressive for it’s own sake, which results in ultimatelly leaving the narrative a little lacking. But don’t worry we also crack wise at Jenny from the Block and Vince Vaughn as we enjoy some tasty Gose as well.

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Episode 45: Evolution

From Ivan Reitman, director of such comedy classics as Ghostbusters and Stripes, comes a movie with such glaring product placement you’d think you were watching a James Bond film: Evolution. Witness David Duchovny at his most wooden, Julianne Moore’s perpetual lack of balance, Sean William Scott at his Sean William Scott-est, all while Orlando Jones captures the hearts of the GBBV Crew while they drink a brown ale that tastes like coffee and donuts and laud over the practical effects.

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Episode 44: Bright

“What you’re telling me we’re some kind of movie where this orc is a fantasy standin for instituionalized racism?” – Cut Lines from Will Smith’s Dialog.

For this episode Good Brews Bad Views dig’s into Netflix’s first big budget sci-fi movie Bright, as we like to suffer for your enjoyment. Ryan, James, and Max dig into everything from the worldbuilding, vernacular, and seriosuly bipolar policemen showing this movie does not lack in topics for discussion. Luckily we brought a few stupidly awesome beers with us to aid us through another David Ayer mess.

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