Episode 21: Escape from L.A.

Episode 21 begins a three part series where we look back on the bad movie of our youths. First up is the painfully Nineties movie Escape from L.A. This unnecessary sequel is basically the same movie as its 16 year predecessor Escape from New York, but is much much worse. Luckily the luscious hair of Kurt Russell makes the movie somewhat tolerable. But only just.

>>Listen here for high stakes hang gliding action<<

Episode 20: Super Mario Bros.

For our 20th episode we go back to the movie that started it all and the beer that just happened to get caught up in the events leading to this podcast: Super Mario Bros. and Dragon’s Milk. There is a lot of iconic imagery associated with the Super Mario game series, but don’t worry if you haven’t played any of them as you won’t find any of it here. What you will find is a lot of head scratching and the question: “Why?”


Trust the fungus and listen here

Episode 19: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Everyone knows B is for “brains” a zombies favorite meal, but B is also for “box office bomb” which is what Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was. A few years too late, the movie suffers from “adapted for the big screen syndrome” wasting much of what an otherwise noteworthy cast had to offer. Friend of the show Kayla joins us as we change things up by switching from beer to an appropriately named cider: Zombie Killer.

Sharpen your swords, prepare your dowry, and listen here.