The GBBV Drinking Game

If you’re of legal drinking age, please drink along with us if you feel so inclined! If the quality of the movies don’t drive you to tasty beverages, here’s some things to take a swig to if and when they occur:

  • Ryan states that he has seen the movie in theaters, and was severely disappointed
  • Max quotes The Wu Tang Clan when someone is hit in the neck
  • James makes a pun so bad that Max and Ryan make audible sighs
  • Ryan doesn’t start the movie when we Max says “Now”
  • “Wheee!”
  • Discussion about Butlers & Sandwiches
  • Max and Ryan berate James about his dislike of Ravenous, a quality film
  • Special Guest appearance by Dubs the Cat
  • Max and/or Ryan threaten to turn off James’ Mic
  • Max forgets an actors name